Tiger Generals Lion Dance

Our Story

The Tiger Generals Lion Dance Troupe has been performing shows under the direction of Sifu Fazil for years. Every Chinese New Year the team would head out to various restaurants and events to perform and celebrate the new beginning. In 2016, after the last performance for Chinese New Year, the group got together and worked on figuring out a way to bring Lion Dance to new people throughout the year. The group started rehearsing weekly to create a new show routine that would excite people and gain new interest in the history and significance behind these performances.      


Now that routine has come together and we are excited to see what this new year will bring. Join us at our various performances throughout the year and help us celebrate the accomplishments of our dedicated Lion Dance performers!

The Team

This team has been training together to  create a unique culture to foster their skills and develop new routines for future performances. We have been building a strong team dynamic and preparing to teach future students the history of and movements behind  Lion Dance. Check out our video to learn a little more about us!

Kids Team

Our Little Tigers are starting early and learning the footwork, kung fu applications and routines that will help them become incredibly talented Lion Dancers. From building up strength to learning how to control the Lion, these little Tigers impress us more and more each rehearsal! They also practice forms and weapon sets that  are used for demonstrations during or after Lion Dance performances. Look for our Little Tigers at our next Lion Dance show!

Tiger Generals Lion Dance Troupe

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